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Character creation will be standard according to the guidelines presented in the d20 Modern rulebook.  Some additional material from d20 Future may be used (relating to psionics) later in the game.

Ability scores will be rolled using 4d6 dropping the lowest die.  Assign the scores as desired.

Characters will begin at level 1.  Please pick a basic class from the book – Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated or Charismatic.  

Starting feats can be any of the feats available in the Modern book.  If a feat has "4 ranks in a [Skill]" as a prerequisite, you may not yet take this feat, since you did not possess the ranks prior to ascending to first level.

Hit points at first level will be the maximum for your class, which reflect your experience, skill, and luck.  You also will receive a d8 extra hit points to reflect the damage that your physical body might withstand without your training and skills.  The DM will roll the d8.  

You may pick from one of the following starting occupations (or "backgrounds" as I'll call them): <meta />Athlete, Blue Collar, Creative, Criminal, Dilettante, Investigative, Military, Rural, Student

My conception of levels for this game is that they reflect an accumulation of interests, training, and education that you can bring to bear to influence your environment.  Each skill rank you assign at first level reflects to a year's worth of high school education (or equivalent, for non-educational system skills).  If you have combat skills or other non-school related training, it will be assumed that you participated in some form of extracurricular activities during your high school time, such as martial arts classes, army reserve training, or similar. 

Classes taken in college will determine what skills gain new ranks, one rank per semester.  Please let me know what major you wish to pursue (if you have one in mind), or you can elect a "general course" focus until you decide.   If you'd like to pick your own course load for the first semester, please use this resource as a guide.  I will provide info on what skills the classes provide.

A note about language skills – I find it extremely unrealistic to assign learning a new language a single skill point, so I have decided that 10 skill points are required to achieve fluency with a language, and this is only for the spoken portion or reading/writing, not both.  I took 4 full years of German in High School, and I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near fluent.  However, having any ranks in a language will allow some basic communication and understanding, with more advanced comprehension as the number of ranks increases. Approximate each point 10% facility with the language.

Another note (this time about firearms) – Guns are capable of doing tremendous damage to a wide variety of materials, so I have compared the relative forces involved with more standard D&D weapons, and come to the conclusion that 1d6 damage is roughly equivalent to 1 Newton.  So with a simple mass x velocity formula firearms will typically deal 2- to 4d6 damage, with some very military hardware doing up to 40d6.  This is a bit more damage than guns do in vanilla d20 Modern (a Beretta doing 3d6 instead of 2d6, and a Desert Eagle doing 9d6 instead of 2d8), so I have also increased the difficulty in hitting opponents with firearms to compensate (and increasing ability to avoid being shot).  Please see Guns for more information.

I don't expect there to be a whole lot of combat early in your careers, but I think it important that you are aware of the differences.  

Character Creation

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